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Languages: English
Sally Clelford has worked as host, an event producer, director, writer and actor over the last 20 years in the corporate, film and television industries. As a well-respected business owner and an expert in communications and leadership, Sally’s experience includes a wide range of events and a number of loyal repeat clients.
As host and official MC for a variety of events and award ceremonies, Sally uses her natural gift of ease on stage where she connects with the audience in a personal and professional manner, with the ability to tie together the key messages in a way that speaks to each audience member on a variety of levels. Leadership, diplomacy and the ability to connect on a real level are just some of the traits that make Sally a great MC.
Sally’s journey to becoming a host / MC has always included performance, leadership and instructing.  In her early teens, Sally highlighted her natural creativity and gift for gab in a series of productions performing in the CBC show “Switchback”. After graduating from various theatrical and film based training programs, Sally decided to do something new and exciting and relocated to the Caribbean where she taught SCUBA diving for 2 years. Afterwards, she relocated to Santa Barbara, California where she operated and managed a kayak and dive shop for a year. It was in Santa Barbara that Sally reignited her career in the arts and began modelling. After a few years traveling and working abroad, Sally returned to Canada and jumped right back into her passion for performing. She spent years training with some of the best acting coaches in North America while working on a variety of television, feature and corporate projects.
Sally was nominated to the ACTRA Ottawa Branch Council and elected into the President position in June 2009. She continues to serve proudly and works with her fellow actors to continue to bring opportunities and productions to the Ottawa film industry and its local actors. She is an aspiring writer and author, with several screenplays and her first non-fiction novel in development.  She lives in Ottawa and works throughout Canada and abroad. She is free to travel wherever work or running from the law may take her.