Languages:  English, French

With a career in English Radio and Television and years of work as a bilingual master of ceremonies, Mike has become a sought after spokesperson and speaker, in both official languages.


Mike has represented Ottawa United Way at most of their campaign launches and closings for well over a decade. He has been the arena voice and MC for the Ottawa Senators as well as the MC for the Junos.  Mike is master of ceremonies at live events for many corporate clients including Hyundai, Audi and Toyota, the Insurance Bureau of Canada, the Canadian Medical Association, Canada Post, many New Year’s Eve events and all forms of civic and corporate celebrations.  Mike is often the guest auctioneer for charity events.  He is a master communicator with the crowd and his ability to think on his feet always commands a healthy take for the charities he works with. It was trial by fire in his radio heydays with so many live shows from Boy George to Ozzy Osbourne that Mike learned the fine art of knowing your crowd and rising to their expectation.


Mike continues to look to live events as the ultimate test of a true communicator, as real life experience reveals itself best in the moment.