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Luigi Saracino – Writer

Luigi Saracino is a professional actor, stand up comic, and singer/songwriter. In recent years, he has delved successfully into screenwriting, and his most current feature length screenplay, Bird-Dog, is being optioned as a feature length film. The breadth and scope of his experience in the world of entertainment and culture, fostered a keen sense of timing, wit, context, and a deep understanding of what gets and keeps audiences wanting more.


The groundwork for his notable skills as a writer began via a degree in Radio-Broadcasting. He learned to perfect his writing skills by creating work for radio, television and internet copy, as well as writing and producing an award-winning radio documentary. During this time, Luigi’s work was featured on stages across the country as a professional stand up comic. He earned first place in the Second Annual Yuk Yuk’s National Comedy Contest, and continued to win over crowds for more than 15 years. As a musician and singer, his career spans more than 20 years, and he has performed across North America. Luigi penned more than 200 songs, performed and sang in several bands, and was signed internationally. Luigi continues to write and perform in his band “Crown Victoria”, and as a stand-up comic. He also currently writes a regular blog for Ottawa Life Magazine.


Luigi Saracino offers readers a uniquely aware point of view, given his acute awareness of pop culture and trends and his direct experience interacting with artists and audiences in several media over the last two plus decades. Readers gain a rare insight into the worlds he weaves, through his experience living both behind the scenes, and in the heart of the action.