Writers – Auteurs / Scénaristes

  • Languages:   English
  • Touching profound emotions in the WWI documentary Angels of Mercy; helping Tsimshian archælogy come alive in the Museum of Civilization; illuminating the Group of Seven in the National Gallery’s Art for a Nation, John Tarzwell has been a powerful storyteller in electronic media for over thirty years.  From crafting national campaigns for the NCC, DND and Labour Canada, to creating the United Way’s IATV World Award-winning fundraiser Look Around, he has applied a remarkable capacity to communicate passion and commitment to a demanding audience on radio, television, recordings and e-media.
  • His work at both ends of the scripting process (he also voices many of his written pieces) has been featured in awards ceremonies from Los Angeles to Munich, with multiple stops in New York and Toronto, and his local craft awards include three Reel Awards and two ACTRAs.  Mr. Tarzwell recently acquired a second degree, (in addition to his English degree) in Psychology, adding a new dimension of behavioural and motivational techniques to his work.


  • As a writer, John takes great pleasure in applying his wide ranging interests (aviation, geology, Spanish language, history, sailing, astronomy, motorcycling, counselling, wood-working, theatre) in the practice of his craft.  He lives quietly in Ottawa’s Westboro district with a large and goofy dog, and the award-winning writer and educator, Lynn Mason Tarzwell.  He is currently at work on a reasonably amusing stage play.