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David Elver has been a professional writer and screenwriter for over 20 years.

David began his career as a busy actor and freelance writer, alternating between roles in hit series like the Comedy Network’s Butch Patterson, Private Dick and The Endless Grind, and writing assignments that ranged from the cult animated series Kevin Spencer to multinational advertising campaigns and speeches for federal Cabinet Ministers and CEOs.

In 2009, David moved to Vancouver to focus exclusively on writing for film and television. Since diving off that particular cliff, David has written two internationally-broadcast short films and several feature screenplays (including the Austin Film Festival semi-finalist feature spec, Lazarus Rising, which earned him universal praise and admiration but not a single six-figure studio deal).

In 2012, acclaimed Vancouver animation powerhouse Atomic Cartoons (Rocket Monkeys, Johnny Test, Atomic Betty) optioned David’s original animated series, Hero Up! Based on that series, David was hired as a writer for five episodes of the TELETOON/Nine Network animated series, Pirate Express, an international co-production between Atomic and Australia’s Sticky Pictures.

In 2014, David was hired by Vancouver-based Slap Happy Cartoons as a writer on Season 2 of their hit YTV animated series, Nerds and Monsters. David is also currently working in development on more than half a dozen other animated series as well as two live action pilots.

David lives in Vancouver, though he is free to travel wherever work or running from the law may take him.