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Award winning actor/writer Brigitte Gall has left the building.  Entering into an entirely new ring, Gall is now a municipal councilor for Ward 1, Minden Hills, Ontario.  Never one to walk the same straight line twice, Gall has recently taken the circuitous route to the house of Parliament, by way of stand-up comedy, turned actor, turned writer/producer, turned playwright, turned renovation Maven, to (naturally) political junky.


Mother of two, member of the Arts Council, and accomplished public speaker – year one has found Gall the Chair of three new committees of council: Youth Advisory Committee, The Minden Hills Cultural Centre Advisory Committee, the Community Engagement Committee; and Vice-Chair of the Cultural Planning Committee – following that old adage – if the chair fits…


Below is a short overview of her film, television and theatre accomplishments.


Most recently, Gall shot 52 episodes her renovation/design show titled Me, My House & I.  A Gemini Nomination for MMHI as well as a Nomination for her dramatic role in the award winning series Blue Murder rounded out an amazing year.  Having wrapped 52 episodes of The World’s Greatest Spas (The W Network, Discovery Channel USA/Latin America, and airing in 85 other countries), Gall came home to receive a Gemini Award for the one-hour CTV television special Joan of Montreal.   The one-hour special also took first place (Gold) at the Houston World Film and Television Festival.


The Toronto Globe and Mail writes, “It’s a relief to come across a Canadian comic who does smart, funny Canadian content”.


The Toronto Star says, “…without question, Gall shows a facility for great body language…powered by wit and playfulness…”


Now Magazine cites Gall as…  “one of those fine comic performers who can touch emotions as well as the funny bone.”


When she’s not performing or working, Gall can be found digging up information on RFP’s, CIP’s, Public Foundations, and the occasional tree stump at her home in Minden, Ontario.